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    Chat Latest Bitcoin - BIG BET - $1million USD for 1Bitcoin in 90 days

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    Spas open in Bitcoin City

    First post, waiting for list of spa's to be open in Bitcoin City
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    Chat New - Bitcoin City announced

    El Salvador plans to build the world’s first “Bitcoin City” which will be funded initially by bitcoin bonds, President Nayib Bukele said on Saturday, doubling down on the Central American country’s bet on the crypto currency. Speaking at an event to mark the close of a week to promote bitcoin...
  4. D

    When will Bitcoin CRASH? When will BITCOIN reach ONE million in value? WHY WILL BITCOIN live forever or NOT?

    The finance expert are saying that bitcoin will crash soon. Is this correct? Why did CHINA suddenly banned BITCOIN forever ?
  5. E

    How I make ~$50 of Bitcoin per month using Shakepay with a few seconds a day and use it for massages

    I know right now the job market is tough so I'm always looking for ways to make side income. With this method I see a cheap 50$ slut for free every month, which is good because I don't make much money in my day job. Shakepay is a fiat to bitcoin exchange. I initially used this exchange to buy...
  6. M

    Bitcoin and Coinbase IPO

    Since we have lockdown, it is time to make money to finance our expensive hobby and we need some inputs and share our experience with cryptocurrency in terms of what is the best platform to buy especially for Canadian, what is the future for cryptocurrency in your opinion, best crypto to buy...
  7. Casualaesthetic

    Feeless and Lightning Fast Alternative to Bitcoin

    Hey everybody, This post attempts to provide an alternative Digital Currency analgous to Bitcoin, and only improves upon it. If you've used Bitcoin before, I'm sure you'd be a little annoyed by it's high transaction fees and slow transaction speed. I want to introduce you to NANO. A feeless...
  8. D

    Bitcoin rises to $50,000.00 , will it crash ???

    Hey Why is bitcoin a bad investment ??? Maybe it’s a great investment ??? Can someone please tell us ??? Will bitcoin go up to 100,000.00??? Thanks
  9. secret_touch

    Leolist changed ownership and payment method

    They have now changed the payments to crypto (bitcoin) only Cannot use credit card any more This is so very upsetting as I dont understand at all (as well being uncomfortable with) the purchase of bitcoins etc As discussed in another forum; a provider in Vancouver snitched on leolist and...
  10. H

    pay with bitcoin?

    are there any spas (or independents) in the city that accept bitcoin?
  11. B

    Buy bitcoin MMM help software to make more profit

    The ARM MLM company prefers the cheap bitcoin MMM help software. This is a ready-made script, you can straight away start the business with the help of our product. The setup is really simple and you can make a money without any further delay. For a limited time, we are offering the special...
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    Find the exact place to have double bitcoin

    If you are looking for easy ways to acquire double bitcoin from any website, then BTC doubler will be the exact choice. Since 2010, we have been taking great experience with this field. But, most recently we have launched individual investment site for our business. However, you can double your...
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    So, what exactly is Bitcoin?

    Searching through the Web I was trying to find the simple explanation of Bitcoin that everyone can understand. Let's start here:
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    List of Massage Spa's accepting Bitcoin

    Some of you have probably noticed that one of our boards sponsors started accepting Bitcoin. Let's start a list of spa's you are aware of that currently accept Digital currency (Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin) 1. Placidity Spa (