1. S

    Purple Sugar Spa

    This Wednesday I went to Purple Sugar again. There is a girl Linna. She is pretty and with sexy body. Service is good with wide open menu. Guys don't miss her. Enjoy:heart4:heart4
  2. A

    Columbian Adriana. PSE @ Purple Sugar Spa

    This is the second time seeing Adriana. Here is my review of the sexy Adriana from Columbia. Walked in today and Adriana came out in a very sexy pink tight dress show all her sexy curves and a big smile… She speaks perfect English and is very friendly. She has the ability to make you feel...
  3. A

    Angela purple sugar

    Just finished my massage with angela from purple sugar. She so hot and nice I love the curves gonna be back soon to have massage from here the Bj skills is damn good. She is so tight too with nice pussy
  4. A

    Angela Purple sugar

    Just finished my massage with angela from purple sugar. She so hot and nice I love the curves gonna be back soon to have massage from here the Bj skills is damn good. She is so tight too
  5. Q

    Monica/Angela @ Purple Sugar Spa in Scarborough

    I’ve been lurking for years and only one thing gave me the nuts to post. And that thing is a who. Who would be Angela / Monica at Purple Sugar Spa. I’ve read and read and read, very interesting to me the way she communicates with users on here, I admire her for that. Looks like she doesn’t...
  6. J

    Question Tips for first timer at Purple sugar?

    Hi y’all, new to Toronto and a big time lurker on this forum. Finally deciding to give this a shot and have settled on trying out Purple Sugar Spa. Had some questions though. 1. first time trying this here and planning to take an uber. Will take me around 30 mins. Worth traveling that long...
  7. B

    Review Lin @ Purple Sugar

    Called ahead to find out who's working. Kitty told me they had young skinny sexy petite girl named Lin. She was new and there only couple weeks. Decided to try her out. She was as advertised. Decent cute GND looks, more innocent than sexy but I like that. Body was very nice perfect spinner...
  8. M

    Emma at Purple Sugar

    Yes, yes, and yes. Emma is a keeper! Has a 30 minute session with her today at Purple Sugar, and she outperformed my expectations. Her tongue action must be experienced to he believed! I was in complete ecstasy the whole time until the floodgates opened. Slim & pretty with nice enhanced melons...
  9. N

    Pink at Purple Sugar

    Pink at Purple Sugar looked a mix of innocent and sexy, so I booked a half hour with her. Pink has that librarian look as described, but she can be mischevious. She gave me a light massage to start, then some cbj. I like doggy style, and she was ok with that so I finished that way, watching...
  10. S

    Pink at Purple Sugar

    So, I went to Purple Sugar without an appointment. 2 girls were busy, and Pink was available. Pink is young and petite, and she does have that “librarian” look as described in some of the promos. She promised to take good care of me, so I got showered, and in she came. Had a nice medium massage...
  11. M

    💜 Kitty at Purple Sugar today 💜

    I visited Purple Sugar today, and hooked up with Kitty. Kitty is nice and slim with a pretty face, natural B+ cups, and very sexy slim legs. I was attracted to her immediately. Kitty has good massage, great body slide (I was in Heaven), and unparalled services. Without going into too much...
  12. M

    Linna at Purple Sugar

    I returned to Purple Sugar Wednesday because the lineup looks great. Went with slim Linna, a tried and true gem who has been well reviewed at other places. Even though her English is VERY limited, her massage is ok, and her services are fantastic. Her bj is nice and sensual, not rushed at all...
  13. 2

    Sweet Filipina Tiffany at Purple Sugar

    I haven’t been to Purple Sugar for a while, and heard it is under new ownership, so decided to check it out today. A very attractive young Filipina lady answered the door; what a nice surprise. Tiffany is indeed quite young, appears to be early twenties, very pretty, slim, and well spoken. Her...
  14. A

    Which one of you SOB went to Purple Sugar, refused to pay and locked yourself in the room for 1 hour

    Went to Purple Sugar, was forced into the room without shower as the other two were taken up. The girl said I can shower afterwards once the room becomes available. After the session I found out that one of the mother fucker had refused to pay and lock himself up in the room for like an hour...
  15. S

    Review Purple Sugar Spa Moon

    I was told there is a new Thai girl Moon started working at Purple Sugar Spa which is located at Midland Ave Scarbrough. I heard about her in the past. This place is not far from me. So I go give it a try this morning. She is small, around 95 lbs. Nice toned with a flower tattoo on her body. B...
  16. J

    Nana purple sugar spa

    I noticed Nana isn't on the website anymore for purple sugar spa. Can anyone confirm if she's still there.
  17. A

    Who’s your favorite at Purple Sugar Spa?

    Hi. Planning to go there this week. Any recent reviews from this place? Heard there are a lot of cute young asians there. Thanks
  18. Christopher Moltisanto

    Review Nana @ Purple Sugar

    After having seen Mimi a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a trip back to check out Nana. I was greeted by another girl (might have been Kitty) who led me to a room and then a few minutes later, Nana walked in. As many have stated in reviews over the years, she is a looker - beautiful...
  19. R

    Review Purple sugar spa

    So I don’t know what I was thinking. But suddenly had an urge to go spa hunting. Randomly driving around one place to the next. Saw this lady at purple sugar spa and she looked attractive to my dick and I was like wth lets try her out. Who knows what her name is, but i was like i want...
  20. krayjee

    Spa AD Purple Sugar Spa, 3700 Midland Ave, unit 118, Scarborough, Tel...(416) 321 3939

    Purple Sugar spa.....3700 Midland Ave, unit 118 , at McNicoll Ave, Scarborough. The spa is nicely decorated, well appointed with en-suite shower in every room and well known for their beautiful and service oriented young girls such as Gia, Chanel and so on.... They will have very pretty and...