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    Question Yonge and Steeles semi legit?

    Any good option for semi legit in this area? Good massage prefer nude.
  2. M

    Semi Legit Recommendations for Yonge St (north of Toronto)

    Looks like a bunch of options have popped up since the pandemic along / near Yonge St, north of Toronto (North York). Any recommendations for a good Semi Legit?
  3. A

    Opinion Full service at semi legit parlors

    My question is, If every massage place in Edmonton that does any kind of extras started doing full service including sex. How would you guys or gals feel about that would you happy or sad?
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    Semi legit Recommendation

    Any recommendation to see a non asian at semi legit spa?
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    Question Any semi legit Spa with non-asians?

    Have been to many semi-legit spas as East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, but now i want to try a semi legit with a non-asian. Latino, Indian would do. Just need a nice massage with tease+ HE. Any recommendations?
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    Question Semi Legit Scarborough

    I realize Markham and Richmond Hill are primarily the areas to go for a good semi legit but wanted to get a list in Scarborough as it's closer to me now. For clarification Semi Legit is a really good massage (RMT like) with Happy Ending HJ or more. Couple of places that I think are semi legit...
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    Question What’s the furthest you’ve gone at a semi legit?

    Just curious how far everyone has gone at a semi legit. I think for me would be the “just the tip” game. Super surprised she let it go that far, but nothing since. Maybe one day though
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    Semi Legit Asian Massage

    I am relative new to Calgary. Looking for Asian Spas that has long term staff, that don't rotate monthly. That actually gives a massage with a little extra at end. Ideally the service would improve with each visit. Not interested in places that promote and only interested in FS business...
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    Looking for recommendation for semi legit in Mississauga

    Looking for recommendation for semi legit spa in Mississauga that has white Canadian cute girls that is ready to mingle
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    Semi Legit that looks most like a Legit

    So wife and I are down to one car now (fucking gas prices and inflation and lack of cheap used cars!) and I wondering what semi legit looks legit enough that my wife won't get suspicious dropping me off and picking me up there? North York and Richmond Hill preferred. Help me not get caught!
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    Semi Legit Suggestions

    Hey All, Any suggestion for semi legit Asian providers who are bigger up top? Of course there is Sunny and Mia but looking for suggestions besides those two.
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    Semi legit spas are the ultimate bait and switch

    I've gone to a few asian semi-legits recently. Im just trying to find an MPA that I find attractive that I can go to on a regular basis. I went to one place today that has pictures with names on them on thier ad. I was really looking forward to seeing an MPA who was supposed to be working...
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    Looking for recommendations for semi legit massage in Markham

    I'm looking for a semi legit in Markham where I can get a half decent massage and a he. I would like to find an attendant who I like, who I find attractive, who I can go to on a regular basis. I've tried a few places and haven't found anyone yet who fits the bill. It seems the problem is...
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    Which Hotels and motels provide massage ladies or therapy ? Or semi legit ladies incognito as escort ???

    Which Hotels and motels provide massage ladies or therapy ? Or semi legit ladies incognito as escort ???
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    Question Any good semi legit spa around Bathurst and Steeles.

    Please mention the name of the spa and the name of the therapist that works there. I prefer therapist that has big boobs asian or non-asian.
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    Any semi legit provider Richmond Ariport area.

    Hi everyone, Im coming to your city soon and was wondering if there is any good semi legit massage places in Richmond around the airport. Please no FS parlours.
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    Semi legit Male Therapist

    Hi, I am looking for semi-legit or legit male therapist, asian, who can also provide blue balls in Toronto, pickering, scarborough area.
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    Going to a semi legit for no extras.

    Here is an odd question that will baffle most: Has anyone purposefully gone to a semi legit with pretty girls but made sure not to get extras? Odd I know. I ask because i want the experience of a sensual massage with a beautiful girl but I wouldnt feel right with the missus if I gor any extras...
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    Semi legit spa around Niagara

    Hi i live in Niagara ontario Is there any recommendations for spa in st cathrine or in Hamilton.i really dnt wanna drive to Torronto as i have time limitations. I am looking for HJ and happy ending in semi legit spa probably the provider with topless. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated
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    Can anyone recommend a semi legit place and woman that likes DATY?

    I'm new to posting, but have been lurking for a bit I love eating sandwiches almost as much as I like eating p**** However, I f***ing hate eating sandwiches that have been f***** Where can I go for a "sandwich" that hasn't been f***** by you as******? I ain't looking to f*** the sandwich...