1. exempli

    Review Cici at Wilson Holistic Spa

    I had a great massage and fun with Cici at Wilson Holistic last Sunday. Cici gave me a towel to get showered, and came back just as I was drying off, so she helped me by drying all the hard to reach places. Her massage skills are actually pretty good, and finally down to the good stuff. A nice...
  2. L

    Lin Spa, 420 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3H 1S9, đź“ž647-748-5588

    LIN Spa 420 Wilson AveNorth York, ON M3H 1S9647-748-5588 Open daily 10:00am to 8:30pm Welcome to Lin Spa. Come for an incredible relaxing session by our young and lovely attendants . We have different girls daily, and they all love providing a great massage retreat for your utmost pampering...
  3. B

    Massage Dufferin and wilson

    Does anyone know a decent FS providers aroung the Dufferin st and Eglinton areas??
  4. M

    Cici at Wilson Holistic

    I had a great session today with Cici at Wilson Holistic. Showed me to a room with a shower (I think all of their rooms have showers), and handed ma a fresh towel. Got showered, and in she came with a beaming smile, and she asked what I would like. I said some medium massage to begin with, and...
  5. F

    Anybody been to Lin spa, wilson holistic or blue nile lately?

    Anybody checked out the spas by Wilson and bathurst lately? I've been to blue nile a few times and it's been a hit or miss. Curious to know if anyone's visited any of the other spas lately.
  6. W

    Tracy at Wilson Holistic , 362 Wilson Ave

    Saw Tracy today at Wilson Holistic. She is a nice looking girl from Brazil with a nice set of melons and an impressive bum. Lots to grab hold of. Tracy is friendly and appears genuinely happy to see you. Her massage is so so, but her services were the main attraction anyway. After 5 minutes or...
  7. orgasmo43

    Question Maxine Wilson - anyone seen this babe?

    https://instagram.com/maxinewants69?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= https://about.me/Booknow41 Spotted this profile on tinder and actually messaged her via IG. Came back with rates and the booking form. Based in RHill, min 1 hour booking and happy ending provided with Nuru only. Just curius if anyone has...
  8. M

    Sasa at Wilson Holistic

    Met Sasa for the first time last Wednesday at Wilson. Sasa is Chinese, medium with nice busty melons and a decent attitude. The other girl was busy, she looked okay, so I went with her. Sasa ushered me in to room 2, where I showered and partook of the complementary mouthwash from a Dixie Cup...
  9. O

    Review Tina - Blue Nile @ Wilson & Dufferin

    Supposedly a day off but had to drop by at the office, made few stops for works, ended up in the area near BN. I've been frequent to the place in the past but not much after re-opening, there were Coco, Viki and Tina, didn't feel like repeating with Viki, and Coco looked pretty tired, decided...
  10. krayjee

    Spa AD Blue Nile Wellness, 350 Wilson Avenue, (416) 398 5777

    Blue Nile Wellness, is a newly renovated spa located at 350 Wilson Avenue, Very convenient location, exit from the westbound 401 for Bathurst and you are there at 350 Wilson Avenue. The place is well appointed, nice and clean and all the masseuses are well experienced, well trained and they...
  11. Hollywood_Spa

    Spa AD wilson

  12. snoopdoggie

    Aruba Spa; 818 Wilson

    I'll be in the area of Aruba Spa today. Any good recent experiences from there?
  13. sy barite

    Alina--Euro @ Wilson & Dufferin

    Sorry, I forget what this place is actually called. Though I will see Asians, I prefer the now rare Euro milfs. Stopped by this place, where I have many happy memories going WAY back. In more recent years I've seen Lana here...but she has fake boobs which are not my thing really...but this...
  14. LikeItLikethat

    Review Sexy Slim Apple at Wilson Holistic

    I was in the vicinity of Wilson Holistic Centre at Wilson and Bathurst), and in the mood for some relaxation, so I dropped in. Much to my pleasure, I was greeted by Apple, who I have had a session with previously. She looks just as pretty as last time, with long legs, long hair, and a sexy slim...
  15. M

    Nana at Wilson Holistic

    Well, I must say that this lady, Nana, is nice and pretty, short and has a very sexy body. She met me with a girl next door smile at the door of Wilson Holistic Centre, and I was instantly hooked. I was lying face down on the table when she came in and proceeded to give me an excellent quality...
  16. S


    Hey everyone, I'm from the wasteland they call Mississauga. I have a meeting in North York, along Wilson next week. Any suggestions for Asians/Asian Milfs? I've heard of the obvious - Wilson Holistic (any particular MPA info is welcome), but are there any other noteable places? Thx, fellas.
  17. J

    lucy at Wilson Holistic

    I visited Lucy at Kings VIP Wilson Holistic last week. Lucy is a slim Asian with fairly big hooters, much to my liking. She showed me the layout, I showered and in she came wearing some sexy lingerie, looking great. Her massage is firm with soft feminine hands, getting me worked up easily. We...
  18. W

    Apple at Wilson Holistic

    Apple at Wilson Holistic welcomed me with a very inviting smile, and her appearance is slim and sexy. She showed me to a massage room, I got showered and waited for a couple of minutes until she came in the room. The massage started, and Apple is very good at small talk as well. I asked her...
  19. T

    Angela at Wilson Holistic

    I’m fairly new to hobbying as they call it, but here goes my review of Angela At Wilson Holistic (on Wilson lol). Angela is short with long black hair and really big boobs for her size. She also has a curvy round bum, not your typical flat bottom. Her description says she has a “magical...
  20. exempli

    Connie at Wilson Holistic

    Connie greeted me at the door of Wilson Holistic on Bathurst. She is a short slim pretty Chinese lady, which immediately excited me, and she smiled sweetly as she led me to the room. Showered and got ready, and she entered with the same warm smile and commenced a medium massage. She asked...