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  1. S

    Tokyo Bay

    Has Tokyo Bay (Warden/Dennison area in Markham) closed down? I drove by yesterday and all lights were off. I'm wondering if they were busted or simply closed due to the competition in the area.
  2. N

    Eden (formerly Bay to your Health)

    Has anyone been to this place lately? I know it was somewhat of a dump when it was called Bay to your Health (stupidest name). There's a girl at the site called Lola that looks pretty good. Any experiences?
  3. S

    Dolphin Bay???

    Has anyone heard of this place in Woodbridge? Someone mentioned to me that they are operating a MP or a SP service out of there but its all hush hush.... Methinks someone is pulling my leg....anyone care to let me know if I'm right?
  4. C

    Quick Review - Jen @ Tokyo Bay

    Has anyone ever seen this girl? I would visit her fairly regularly...but I stopped about 2 months ago. She's about mid to late 20s, oriental, about 5'6 (without the pumps), 125lbs, 34b-26-36...not too bad. She speaks broken english, massage is not the greatest, and likes the extras too...
  5. W

    RE: Inside the Bay Street brothel

    Just another crack down story on massage parlours.
  6. Alyssandra

    Eden Spa on Elm at Bay St.

    To all of the PMs asking about Eden Spa. Just try it and quit bugging me about more details. I pride myself on a complete and, unless the testoserone is still surging, an unbiased review. Do a search under "EDEN" and you'll see my positive comments from October. If you are lucky to see Ella...
  7. B

    massage near BAY and QUEEN

    any good places worth visiting at Bay and Queen.. am gonna be in that area for a couple of days.
  8. H

    72 Gerrard W. @ Bay review

    Tried here the other day. It is same type of place like Oriental Rainbow, Tuina. $35/30 mins, $50/45 mins. I took 45 mins. Girl was about mid 20s, about 5'4", a little thick but not fat, average looking. Didn't get her name. They have rails for the backwalking, and she did it with here shoes...
  9. Pompal 09.

    review: lilly at bay and gerrard

    went again in hopes of seeing luck still "on vacation"....went with Lilly...she's about 35?...5'5''...shoulder length ..nice legs...ok face......35 for 30 mins...medium massage for like this too she asked as she came very close......then closer then Does this...
  10. C

    Adelaide & Bay?

    Ad from Massage section of today's edition of NOW: "Adelaide & Bay between King & Queen. Hot sesual 416-979-8193" Is this new? Has anyone tried this? Comments appreciated. Cheers
  11. Y

    review, sarah at Bay and gerrard.

    35 for 30, 20 tip, I posted in the past about this GFE but did not want to tell you where she was in fear of making her too busy for me....but anyway, I went back last week and the service was jsut as good even better I guess that the first two times....she let me kiss her on the mouth again and...
  12. hockeyguy

    New Pics @ Health Int. 366 Bay

    The pictures are up for several pretty new ladies who have joined this spa. Pictures for more new ladies are to be added soon. The down town guys have it good, Enjoy
  13. C

    Bay Street Blues

    The last two MPs I "discovered" were: 366 Bay St Unit 601 and 161 Bay St Unit 2600 I think address 2 is a high-end office tower (Royal Bank) and is just a mailbox location that has been used before. Address 1 is near Richmond where there are a lot of older buildings so it is believable...
  14. A

    Christina @ Bay and Charles

    Hi guys... I've had the urge to see Christina for the past couple of weeks now but everytime I call...there's no answer. It's really getting quite frustrating. Anyone know if she's still in business or am I just sh*t outta luck? Dissey23
  15. Scooch

    Tried out new Bay Street Spa

    I went to the new Bay Street Spa today. This was my second time. For those of us that work downtown this place is a godsend. The first time I went there was only one girl available. Her name was Michelle. 5'5" reasonably attractive but looked a little older. She gave a good massage and was...
  16. M

    Massage lessons in the bay area?

    I am looking for a place that can teach me just the basics on giving a better massage in a 1 day or a few session environment. I do NOT want a full on program for a career in massages, just something to better my current 'put pressure here' approach. Thanks!
  17. B

    Im looking for chat rooms specifically for the California Bay Area?

    I can't seem to locate any chat rooms on yahoo or aol or anything that are for the bay area, although I know there did used to be some. I am NOT looking for chat sites that are specifically for dating! So please don't give me those. Thats not helpful...