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  1. P

    Review Bellagio

    I will shut you down. You can bet on it
  2. B

    Review Kathi @ Bellagio

    I saw Kathi twice now and enjoyed both times. First time for the 2hr session with the table shower. Did not enjoyed the TS and will not try again. Second time yesterday for 1 hr. She is listed as mature which is my preference. I would guess her age to be ~ 40. Nice butt and small boobs. I...
  3. B

    Question Bellagio Table Shower and massage

    I see many post from Bellagio in regards to the table shower and massage for 2 hours and have some questions that I could not find in checking many reviews and post. 1- Two hours is a long session. How long the table shower last? 1 hour? 2- Does the session start with table shower or at the...
  4. C

    Review XXX - 1.5 X's - BELLAGIO

    Ms. Lucy at Bellagio was on her game recently and her massage was on par with Paige S. I called from across the street at Eggsmart and she told me to cum see her. And was walking up to Bellagio and surprise... She was opening the door for me with a great big smile and an urgent need! Walking...
  5. X

    Poll Vote on Lucy @ Bellagio Halloween Costume

    Hi Everyone! Halloween Time! … which costume should Lucy wear? Here’s my favourite:
  6. Janice Bellagio

    Janice Bellagio

    Hi! 👋 I’m Janice @ Bellagio, 💕not on schedule & available this afternoon by apptmnt only.😘 Besides massage & body slide, I am available for cosplay sessions, your choice of character, such as French Maid📣cheerleader, etc. Call ☎️ (905) 707-6866 to book apptmnt. #33-160 East Beaver Creek🗺
  7. Martinus

    Carina@Bellagio Wellness Spa

    Oh boy where do I begin. Was greeted at the door with a peck on my cheek by Carina and the first thing that caught my eye was her luscious locks and ravishing smile. She was wearing tights and a brown top that showed her sexy flat tummy and that ass was scrumptious. Made some small talk and we...
  8. D

    Review Jennifer review @ bellagio

    Lurked this site for 2 or 3 years now but recently made an account and more recently started posting. But figured its time I give back with real honest reviews. Ive seen Jennifer many times since she started. A few months ago i think it was @xtc27 that made a passing comment about someone...
  9. D

    Review Bellagio -sharon

    Review Bellagio Sharon Everything mentioned in ad is fake . The breast size and age . Massage was strong bad and jack hammer finish. Didn't opt for anything other than hand Job as I was having completely negative vibe and I chose 45 min but I'm not sure and she walked away while I was about to...
  10. P

    Bellagio Wellness & Lucy

    I'm watching you tax evaders...
  11. X

    Review Clara @ Bellagio

    It almost nvr happened… 🥲 Lucy lemme no, new girl, Clara, joining the spa… in this past summer! But! Nvr showed up 4 work! :wtf … then in @ end of winter, Clara called back, cleared up whatever stopped her last time (Im betting she dropped out of 🏫 college), & asked 2 join again! Lucy’s...
  12. L

    Question Aria @ bellagio or adina @ Ocean motion

    Gonna book either one on friday as ill be in town, who do you reccomend? I heard alot about aria in the last few days from what i heard shes a slim, lil busty noce piece of ass Adina is slimntoo but has alot of mixed reviews. Im looking for a bbbj, cbj or cfs the gfe experience. Lmk what you...
  13. Bellagio Wellness &Spa

    Bellagio Wellness & Spa (905) 707-6866 // 33-160 East Beaver Creek Richmond Hill ON

    ⛲️Bellagio Wellness & Spa for FEBRUARY 21th Wed ⛲️ ☎️ (905) 707-6866 ☎️ 🕛 Open 10:30am-10:00pm Daily🕛 🗺#33-160 East Beaver Creek Richmond Hill🗺 🛏 7 Rooms with Tables including Shower Table Room🛏 🚿Table Shower Massage Combo Promotion, 2hr $120*🚿 🤩2 Large Showers...
  14. T

    Review Jennifer at Bellagio

    Saw Jennifer recently. One of the best deep tissue massage I have got. She is sexy and strong with curves at the right places but the spoiler is that there was no extras on offer just legit massage and a good one. Will repeat if I'm looking for a good massage in the east end. She is likely in...
  15. X

    Review Emily @ Bellagio

    This gal’s been my main squeeze of late… repeated a few times… Asian Chinese 🇨🇳 , early - mid 30s, slim & petite but still nice natural firm c cup boobies, not athletic but trim, terrible English but gd @ body language:D, rather big eyes, very nice smile w quite perfect straight teeth… 1st...
  16. K

    Review Alyssa @ Bellagio

    Had some free time last week so stopped into Bellagio. Alyssa seemed well reviewed and she was free so I gave her a shot. Wasnt expecting a schoolgirl outfit with cat ears since Halloween passed but thats what she was recommended to wear. Stayed 45 minutes. Alyssa is mixed (JP/Euro is...
  17. C

    Massage Experience of Betar at Bellagio Wellness Msg Parlor

    Hello Gentlemen, I find myself astonished to be putting this information out here. My main use of your forum has been to establish which spas do not provide sexual servicing, since I would find it mortifying to be captured in a police raid. Further research suggests to me that this is unlikely...
  18. Bellagio Wellness &Spa

    Spa AD 🎃Halloween Party Oct 31st! 🎃👻👻👻 ⛲️Bellagio Wellness & Spa ⛲️ 160 EBC # 33 ☎️Tel: (905) 707-6866 ☎️

    Bellagio Wellness & Spa will be hosting our special 🎃👻Halloween Week party from Oct 24th to Oct 31st! You don't want to miss it! 🧙‍♀️🧹🐈🧟‍♂️🐆 All the girls will be dressed up in various costumes as you suggest. C'mon inside, dressed as you like, and say Trick or Treat! Which will it be? You'll...
  19. X

    Pick Halloween costume for Alyssa @ Bellagio

    So, we’ve done a poll for Cecelia… so far, Cat = easy choice… glance @ her, its easy 2c… Alyssa? Much harder choice… Talked w her yesterday, shes got no idea… As half Asian, shes got very different exotic look… I threw some ideas out there, but feel free 2add yer own suggestions… Some...
  20. M

    Lisa @ Bellagio Wellness and Spa

    After all the raves about the 2 hours table shower promo, decided to give it a go. I usually have my rotation between JR, E&M and sometimes Shangrila which is more than enough to keep me occupied, if I wanted more, I’d simply fly out to other continents (Europe, Asia, South America, etc)...