1. D

    The Best .. FUNNY.. pick up line... that you have actually used..

    please add your pick up lines to this thread... --------------- So I went up to a very pretty.. and much younger lady.. total Victoria's Secret model type.... and I said... "Hi" with silence as a reply at first I added "I am doing a course in Successful Human Interactions..... and now I am...
  2. N

    Best options with young attendants around bathrust & steeles?

    Looking for some updated suggestions…I’ve already read some posts about this area in particular…just wondering if anybody has some good recommendations for young/fit attendants low mileage is ok too! Thanks gents!
  3. J

    Question Best clean SPA with Jacuzzi or hot tub, semi-luxury environment near Burlington?

    Hello, new to the area. Is there anything resembling a high end, semi-luxury actual SPA, with Jacuzzi or hot tub, (preferably the girl can join you?) anywhere near Burlington? Even 30 mins driving time would be OK. Looking to book regular appointments for relaxation above all else, could do with...
  4. O

    Spa AD Oakville Spa best service and massage 🌹647-588-8988

    We have 3 girls here
  5. M

    Opinion Best Overall Lineup?

    What GTA spa semi or holistic has the best overall lineup? What's the place that you're confident no matter what time or what day you're walking out with a smile on your face?
  6. RyanLion

    Question Best Semi Holistic Spa?

    Hi there, What are some of the best Semi Holistic Spas closer to East end, Richmond Hill / Markham Area? Looking for reasonable price, cleanliness, decent massage is a plus. Thank you looking forward to some recommendations!
  7. S

    Question Best SP / MP that does BBBJ CIM MSOG DFK FIV

    I'm visiting for a day or so next week. First time in Toronto Budget: $400 max for 1hr Want: young ish attractive girl (prefer caucasian/latina/asian) that provides great service Must: FS BBBJ CIM MSOG (2pops) DFK Nice to have but not required: FIV BBFS CIP Will be staying downtown Toronto and...
  8. J

    Best massage

    I got the best message at peony gardens!
  9. M

    What is Best semi legit spa in gta my experience so far

    With all the adds now hard to decide where to go so I thought I would share my experiences over the last few years Did not know much about spas in the beginning how they worked how much to tip etc. I tried amazing spa on Kennedy Sheppard area older lady’s massage was ok but found it was a...
  10. sasha- Erotic massages Dominant Queen


    +1 604-260-4648 Text me the type of domination you like.
  11. T

    Best black ass

  12. O

    Best titty fuck in GTA?

    Looking for some huge tits for a titfuck, preferably real. Please drop your suggestions below
  13. M

    Spa AD Oakville SPA best massage available here😊💕6475888988##1260 Speers Road

    we have shower in the room 4 Hands massage is available
  14. M

    Spa AD Oakville spa 🌹the best massage and service❗️ 6475888988/❗️1260 Speers road.we have shower in the room

    We have shower in the room Foot massage is available
  15. bigthick9

    Best Duo -4 Hands ?

    So I'm looking for a good 4 hands (duo) in Scarborough. I prefer busty girls but not too old with sagging tits. Never had a Duo session before as well. If anyone can recommend me any good ones and share their experience and $$$. Even if not in Scarborough, but amazing Duo...please lmk. Thanks!!
  16. R

    The GOAT for Tantric Massages in Toronto?

    Spa or private let’s hear it!! Grandma sent me some birthday money and I want to have a time🙏 Thanks!
  17. stevem

    Review Josi best masseuse in Edmonton

    I had the pleasure of experiencing Josi's deep tissue massage and it was amazing. I've been to all sorts of professional massage therapists and I've never had a better massage than what I experienced with Josi. Her student prices for the massage is a steal for what she offers. But to also have...
  18. 9

    Question Best spots in Hamilton or just outside of Hamilton?

    ive only been to one place, sea water spa. for the first place ive gone, im satisfied. but im interested in expanding, just for experience. so does anyone know other locations with girls that are DTF and possibly offer a BBBJCIM? where i go now, shes DTF but doesnt offer BBBJCIM which im okay...
  19. B

    Spa AD Great massage and nice girl @wonder spa

    Hey Guys, We have young and beautiful Jessica and Joey partner up today. They are both lovely and easy approaching. They are committed to provide exception services to make your day. Hope to see you soon. Cheers!!!! Wonder Spa 9421 Jane St. Unit 127, Vaughan, ON. (North of Rutherford/S of...
  20. H

    Question Best strictly legit massage Markham

    Looking for a good cheap strictly legit massage place. I already have good semi-legit places but I need a legit place so im not tempted to pay xtra for HE (id go to them if thats what i wanted...) real rmt costs way too much and they are so prude they will barely even massage my ass (best part...