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  1. TorontoEscortExposer

    Review Caressa Renior & @liam96 ~ emily cain littlefox_to

    @Liam96 He’s an undercover and Florence yi hooked him up with Caressa Renior after she returned from her BC, CERB funded trip. (Naive @Liam96 was told shes on hiatus, poor gullible kid) https://twitter.com/husbandwanter_?s=21 If she wasn’t identified as a female. I’d think she was a male...
  2. TheWatcher

    Chat High End Sp $400+ update 2021 Alexis Arnaud, Vienna Dao, Kimberly Lang, Lia morine, Emily Cain, TERB.CC FredZed, VIPFLORENCEYI

    Disclaimer: 1- Red text is added information 2- The last revised up to date review by June 20th 2021 3- Rather then me having to lounge around a Bar to hookup with a mature lady, I’d prefer to just book a Service Provider. 4- I have faced racism and prejudice from Asians in Canada & had to seek...