1. I

    Fatima from seduction spa

    Any Intel where fatima from seduction spa is picture attached ? Is she working elsewhere ?
  2. S

    Lucy at Seduction Keele I like to give detail reviews of my experience in its entirety. If you dont want to read the whole thing, see the tldr. Tldr; super transactional, shes only there for the money and not for your experience. Ymmv Full review; I see this new girl on...
  3. P

    Review Camile @ Elevate Spa

    I did it guys… I freaking did it. That is what went on in my mind when I found this amazing attendant. For those who don’t know me, I was a well known reviewer and have deactivated my last account but decided now to make a comeback and write a review because this attendant is totally worth it...
  4. O

    Michelle Seduction Spa

    Saw her recently. I don’t know if it’s the same Michelle as from the first time I saw her; like 1 1/2 years ago at least. The pictures on website look like I remember her the first time. Not slim but more solid and a bit bbq but still sexy. If it’s the same one she lost a lot of weight...
  5. throwaway000000

    Caught an unknown disease at Seduction

    As the title states, I caught an unknown disease at seduction. It’s been over a year now and my life has changed dramatically. Im pretty shocked no one here has talked about it, as I’ve found many others in Toronto in the same situation. There’s a chatter about it on Reddit...
  6. F

    Question ISO - Tatianna @ Seduction (new Tatianna)

    Howdy all, Seduction is a bit of a drive for me and I'm looking to find a new SP. Tatianna (the new one, I was pretty tight with the old one but this girl is definitely not her) caught my eye. Though I saw her predecessor frequently, I find myself really liking what I see. Curious to know if...
  7. A

    Review Anastasia @ Seduction Airport

    Went to Seduction at Airport yesterday because I’ve had my eye on Anastasia for a while now. Even with the mixed reviews of Seduction I decided to give it a chance, the one time I went there I was satisfied with the service so I went for it again. I paid my $140 door fee and the receptionist...
  8. AznGangsta

    🔥 Tiaa @ Seduction

    Think this is a new one. Pics are fire
  9. M

    Question Seduction @ Airport

    Anyone good at Seduction Airport? Going there now.
  10. E

    Mina @ Seduction Saw her in the reception area. Cute exotic looks. Any info service wise?
  11. S

    Juliana at Seduction

    See she is gone from the Seduction website. Anyone know if she is gone to another spa or agency or Indy? Know she’s ymmv and necot but would love to see her again. She must’ve given her # to some regulars on here. PM if you prefer
  12. L

    Review Kitana @ Seduction

    Just had a visit with Kitana. New girl at Seduction, and had one of my better experiences at one of these places (only have had a little over half dozen sessions across a few spots). Was planning to do a 30 min session, but after seeing her (very pretty, very petite/fit, cute smile), decided to...
  13. A

    Question Daniella @ Seduction Airport

    Has anyone seen Daniella at the seduction airport location? Her pics looks sexy but I also know seduction can be a shitshow. Let me know if anyone has had an experience with her
  14. D

    New Gianna at Seduction

    Wondering if anyone has seen the newest Gianna at Seduction airport and could give feedback? DFK/DATY? Interested in the session or just after upsells? Those curves look unreal but Seduction can be so hit or miss. Cheers boys.
  15. I

    Fatima seduction spa

    Any intel on fatima at seduction
  16. S

    Question Jasmina @ Seduction

    Anyone see her yet? Pics look good. Jasmina - seductionspa
  17. B

    Tamia @seduction

    Anyone got any info on her or what services she provides? Saw her in a line up and she got a fat ass
  18. T

    Question Fatima - Seduction Spa

    Any intel on Fatima? New girl…looks fun. Fatima - seductionspa
  19. Y

    Suriya / Sonia / Sylvia @ Seduction?

    Anyone seen any of these ladies recently? Very curious to check out Seduction for the first time and see one of them.