1. S

    Chat Does XTC_27 - Hobby?

    Hey massage planet dudes. Been hobbling a few years now. Lots of spa visits and such....Looking at xtc and his posts, Really don't care for BS.. XTC, WHO DID YOU HOBBY WITH THIS WEEK... LAST WEEK, OR THE WEEK BEFORE. But this is what I want you to think about. The homies know how to make that...
  2. S

    New to Hobby, Looking for Semi-Legit in Mississauga

    Was wondering what the community's recs are for Semi-Legit spas in Mississauga. Thanks All
  3. C

    Question Suggestions for providers in Fort Mac (not FS)

    I have to go Fort Mac next week for 4 days and am looking for suggestions to fill my nights. Not looking for FS. I haven't posted any reviews as i haven't seen too many providers. Part time hobby and im not sure i can add to what has been posted already. If i do see someone ill post about upon...
  4. S

    Has anyone ever gotten caught?

    Curious to know has anyone ever been caught by their partners, significant other, or friends doing this hobby? If so, how was the experience? Did you continue or quit after
  5. Deleted member 94419

    Question How to quit this hobby

    How to quit this hobby Hello all, today is a different kind of post than my usual ones as I am seeking help. In regards to the title, I need support and advice on how to quit this hobby. It would not only help me but help others who would also like to. If you care to read this part carry...
  6. W

    Alright, folks, let's 'fess up, how much have y'all spent on this hobby in total over the years?

    Not sure how many you actually keep tabs on your finances in this expensive hobby, but let's see how much y'all spent over the years on this. Starting with me, I've easily spent 50k-60k in the last 5-6 years, been to all sorts of establishments, from legits to semi-legits, semi-holistics to...
  7. Happyman

    Chat Exercise to support our hobby

    I saw comments on this video, seems working like miracle. Will try it out and report. Anyone want to do the same?
  8. W

    Is recent economic slowdown (housing and stock market losses) affecting your hobby?

    Just wondering given the steep losses incurred by people in housing and stock markets as well as the upcoming layoffs/recession fears, are you folks cutting back on your hobby frequency/tips? I've been cutting back from 3 times a week to once a week and no over tipping anymore.
  9. D

    After 15 years, quitting this hobby

    Well gents, time for this old bird to fly away from this life. I’ve deleted my other message board handles and this is the last one. After thousands of dollars spent, many experiences in holes in the walls and top of the line spas and incalls, I’m out. I found my unicorn so to speak and we...
  10. UsefulIdiot

    Poll Do you talk about the hobby in real life?

    I am not ashamed of hobbying but it something I just cannot talk to other people about in real life. Without forums like Massage Planet it would be a very lonely pursuit. For me hobbying is such a rich and interesting experience that I really want to share all that is good, bad and interesting...
  11. Albertaman

    Review Hobby or Habit?

    https://massageplanet.net/threads/hobby-or-habit.235765/ Had posted it on Calgary board in error. There are no hobbyists in Calgary. [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Albertaman

    Review Hobby or Habit?

    As the holiday season and the renewal of the winter travel season (after skipping one or two) draws closer, hobbyists might want to do a quick assessment of their financial priorities. Wouldn't be allowed to post this on CAF for sure. A hobby enhances our life experiences and has a positive...
  13. A

    Kick Strippers out of the hobby

    The best way to get rid of these white trash fake MPAs is not to go to any spas that employ them. So far we know that Seduction and SRM are heavily using ex strippers. Vote with our wallets and lets teach them a lesson. Lets spend our hard earned $ elsewhere. With no clients or $ coming in...
  14. A

    Giving up this hobby

    I have booked my last session for this evening as I have decided to stop hobbying temporarily. Its a test to see how long i can last. A test of my willpower and to see if this can be permanent. Wish me luck
  15. H

    New to the hobby

    Hey guys, lurking a bit here decided to make a post. I want to start hobbying now that things are open again and have some general questions because I’d rather not make any potential mistakes. I’m able to drive wherever, I live in Oshawa but it seems like Markham/Scarborough are the places 1...
  16. K

    What do you do for a living to fund this hobby?

    I'm curious what everyone on this forum does for a living in order to fund this degenerate hobby of ours.
  17. BulliedEnough

    I took your advice. I went and saw a leolist escort. Probably the best experience I've had in this hobby so far

    Made a thread a couple days ago asking if a particular ad on leolist was undercover cops. Got a ton of responses and came to the conclusion "nothing ventured, nothing gained." I'm not going to lie though. On my way to the location, it was anxiety-educing. I kept thinking the location was a...
  18. OG_funguy

    Chat Hobby pet peeves...

    I hobby quite a bit and while I mostly have a good time, I do have some pet peeves... 1. MPA tries to sneak in an appointment right before you and the customer is late, pushing your appt time back - this happened to me recently. I made an appointment the day before and even confirmed it before...
  19. OG_funguy

    Chat Hobby tips and lessons learned...

    As we kick off another year, I thought it would be helpful to talk about the lessons we learned from our hobby experience. I've listed a few below to kick things off... 1. Set a budget and don't spend more than you can afford. Over time, your list of 'regulars' will grow. You don't want to be...
  20. Deleted member 73937

    Gambling to fund Hobby

    Does anyone else do this.? I know the government sports lottery is a suckers bet for the most part but I dont know a bookie anymore and i started using Proline to help fund the hobby It also helps hide the expense from the spouse. On opening week of NFL I hit the rare six game parlay on...