premier spa

  1. B

    Gina or Anita at premier spa

    Looking to book either Gina or Anita at premier spa for tomrrow, any recommendations? Haven't seen either of them
  2. B

    Kimberly at premier spa

    Any reviews on Kimberly ar sensa spa?
  3. M

    Review on some girls nobody talks about

    Has anyone seen Nikki, Amira, Mira, Leilani, Ella, Elise, Marissa, Anita, Katrina, Khloe or Nisha from Premier. They all work either in Perla, Pure or Sensa. If anyone has any details or reviews about any of these girls pls add on to the thread which would be helpful for me and everyone else.
  4. P

    Anyone knows where did Kendall from Premier Spa go?

    Hi, I miss Kendall from Premier. Where is she working right now ?
  5. D

    Premier Spa Suggestion

    Any suggestion on MP at Perla, Pure, Sensa? I'm in the city Thursday until Saturday morning. Prefer any MP with a natural booty, slim thicc, phat ass not too tall, facially attractive, enhanced or natural. Please no Vanessa post, as much as she can give a good bbbj, facially NMCT and ass is...
  6. J

    First time experience

    I went to for the first time around feb and went for the 40 min massage. It was alot of fun as the girl was actually kind of cool and was easy to conversate it with and it wasnt so awkward. She didnt even start with a massage just went right at me when she walked in. I later went for fs when she...
  7. CarmeloAnthony

    Review Pure Spa Reviews 2023-2024

    Long time lurker first time poster. These are my reviews for everyone I’ve ever seen in the past year and a half at Pure Spa since starting in 2023, I don’t have a lot of money so I can’t hobby as much as I’d like or as often as some of you out there, enjoy! Zaina (formerly Zara) 5/10: Started...
  8. M

    Feedback on Pure spa

    Hey folks, I am new to the spa game and planning to visit pure spa. I was planning to book a session with Gina/Raquel/Ariel/Mackenzie/Selena/Olivia. Any one in particular that I should go for? Also, since she they are all famous, getting them through walk-in will be tough. I am a bit hesitant...
  9. F

    Angel @ perla

    Wondering if anyone has tried Angel at perla? New Asian could be fun.
  10. P

    Premier spa Review Thread

    Hello guys this is my review on few of the girls I tried from premier ( PURE AND PERLA): Anaya: She was amazing last year she gave me bbbj and even took cim amazing girl she will fuck and suck for hours no complain but I visited recently and she said she stopped doing cim and bbbj so she...
  11. J

    Who should I see?

    Ive got some $ to spend and Ive never been to an erotic spa before. So far I want to go check out premier spas as i heard it is professional and clean. My type is big tits and ass that can give a good blowjob. Currently im thinking about seeing Estela, Chantel, Kourtney or Gigi. Does anyone have...
  12. K

    Top 5 MPA of Premier Spa now

    Hi, Which is 5 best MPA of Premier spa now based on younger age and service. Many MPA has left and many has joined.
  13. M

    seduction spa / pure spa / premier spa

    I am kind of disenchanted with AMP so looking to try one of these luxury spas. I like white chucks so hoping to get a good experience here. Which of these spas has better service and what is the general feedback? I like DFK from a white chick. Can anyone suggest a good looking girl from any one...
  14. P

    Question Estela at Pure spa

    First time going to any massage parlour, decided on estela at perla. Just going off her pictures she looks nice but has anyone been with her recently? Seen a few reviews but none that confirm if she looks nice facially. Also would anyone recommend this spa over Vaughan spa as I'm looking to go...
  15. N

    Review Rubi @ Perla

    I started hobbying a few months ago visiting some not very popular or talked about spas with mixed experiences. I started reading MP to get ideas as to where I should take the plunge into a mainstream spa. I have read a bunch of reviews but have never done one myself until now. I ended up...
  16. Urbangigalo

    Does MacKenzie still have braces? (Premier spa)

    Just wondering if MacKenzie braces are off yet?
  17. Fakes125

    Chat Birthday Session Suggestions

    Hello, I'm just looking for who you guys would think would be good choice for seeing. As of right now, I know that Premier Spas does not have any birthday promos So I just looked into Elevate and kinda just narrowed to these girls who in terms of reviews are not as much as others...
  18. M

    Sabrina (middle-eastern) GONE @ Premier spa

    sad to see Sabrina @ Premier Spa gone completely! she was a good one :( why is everyone leaving :(
  19. Essem

    BAN TERB - fake news!!

    Haven't posted in a while because I was tired of the back and forth troling, but I had to come out and say something-THANK YOU MASSAGE PLANET. FUCK YOU TERB. my experince on TERB (which I long considered the best review site - stupid me) made me realize something - massage planet is the ONLY...
  20. P

    Question Sasha @ Perla 2023

    I have booked an appointment with Sasha at Perla on Tuesday (first time). I see some good reviews and some underwhelming. I want to know from someone who has seen her quite recently, how did the session go?