1. S

    Review Paige at Club Dynasty

    Paige offers a sensual massage and is available for a 90 minute. Petite and very sexy. Smooth skin and very tight. Very good and very sexy. She works hard and will def turn you on!
  2. P

    GFE Massage with Paige (Paradise Spa)

    Hi, I enjoy spending time with gentlemen who are polite and affable. You'd be spending time with a nerdy, quirky gal who is playful and down-to-Earth. I give a pretty darn good massage and am excited to show you some of my other talents! I am available exclusively at Paradise Spa, 1902...
  3. J

    Paige / Ivy

    Hey has anyone seen or heard from Ivy, formerly know as Paige, Canadian girl from SRM ( Steeles royal massage ) also AGS ( airport golden spa) . It’s been a long while since I’ve seen her,
  4. J

    Paige from ll

    Has anyone seen Paige from LL Durham region? Text wise she seems very nice and responsive…wondering if anyone has had any experience with her as I can’t seem to...
  5. J

    Paige from ll

    Has anyone seen Paige from LL Durham region? Text wise she seems very nice and responsive…wondering if anyone has had any experience with her as I can’t seem to...
  6. T


    Paige Demi Infected with Clap Gonnorea 2019 April. Infected HIV since Jan 2021. Ask the Spa for latest test and Results.
  7. J

    Review Paige @ Pure

    I know she reads these review pages, so I'm going to be as polite as possible... Saw her pics on the site and some good reviews from a while back and booked Paige. Paid $150 for 40 min. to the front desk, Showered and waited about 10min for her to come in. When she came in I was surprised to see...
  8. F

    Paige @AGS

    Where did Paige from AGS go?
  9. M

    BodyScrubs by Paige

    PLEASE READ THE AD !!! Come enjoy a Back or a BodyScrub in the comfort of my home. $50 hh $80 hour exfoliating the skin, leaving it soft and ample.. pineapple or coconut oil with light massage.. clean massage table Hand sanitizer Music and body therapy Don't ask for my picture cause it's on the...
  10. F

    Paige @AGS or SRM tonight

    Would any recommend with a good menu Shift | Steeles Royal Adult Massage Or Paige at AGS
  11. W

    Funny - Seduction reusing Premier photos for Demi/Paige

    funny thing i noticed. Seduction is reusing Premiers photos for Demi/Paige. they removed the watermark, at the cost of making the photo much worse quality 😆 . c'mon seduction, you can do better than this. just snap a few pics with an iphone. proof: Premier website from earlier this year >...
  12. M

    Relaxation Massage by Paige

    Description -Massage table -coconut and pineapple oils -showers -back scrubs and light massage $50 hh - relaxation massage $80 hr. Come join me in my cool basement. eTransphers or cash. Show more Additional Options The following services are also made available by this seller. Please reach...
  13. S

    Review Paige - Penbrooke Meadows

    Saw Paige last week, kijiji link below. Booking was difficult: she seems pretty scattered. Almost bailed last min as while I was parking as I guess I parked in a spot (on the street) that is "claimed" by a neighbor and he sat in his truck to see if I would move or whatever. my thought was...
  14. M

    Paige muse Vaughan

    Hey anyone have any recent reviews on Paige @ muse she looks fantastic. And that toy she posts she looks so playful and open minded. Thanks in advanced. I need to get in to see her
  15. P

    Review Muse Spa Reviews: Paige, Tiffany, Vanessa

    Like I’ve said b/f I generally repeat w/ girls who I connect with and offer DFK and BBBJ+. At Muse I’d usually settle for DFK (& sensuality) and anything on top of that I consider a bonus (and bonuses do happen there). In 2020, Muse is usually my plan D at best, so fourth or fifth option when...
  16. P

    Question Any info on Paige from Muse spa This is her link. Looks like a hottie but not sure about what services she may allow. any intel will be appreciated
  17. Jayjay1

    paige - premier review

    Decided to finally see Paige, I've been trying to see her forever before COVID but she's always fully booked. She was a total pro, she's not what I expected facially but looks fine. She has long (very long) black hair, she kept it in a high pony tail but it still reached half way down her back...
  18. P

    Paige at Premier Pure

    Saw Paige recently. She came just as I finished the shower - which was nice since I didnt have to wait for those unending minutes sitting with a towel on the couch. She was better looking than I had imagined. So that was nice. And certainly did not seem 5' 8" - but then it does not matter...
  19. C

    Review Paige @ Premier Pure

    Just had a great session with Paige. She asks a lot of questions so she can make it the best for you. She asked how I wanted to start and listed some ideas. I told her that a massage was not necessary at all which set the tone. She asked if I like tease and denial and edging and I was set for...
  20. S

    Review Paige @ Pure

    I had a session with Paige over the weekend and let me just say she is worth the experience. I don't get out much so I made sure that when I did have a chance to hobby, It would be worth every penny. When she entered the room I was lying on my stomach and she instantly started to rub/tease...